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Floor lamp in the house: an element of decor or a way to create style and comfort? 200+ (Photos) floor options for living room, bedroom and kitchen


Floor lamp - floor lamp, with shade and leg-stand, for each interior you can choose your model. In order for a person to rest psychologically and physically after a busy day, he needs twilight. At home there should be a place where you want to stay and forget about everything. This can be done with sconces, lamps and floor lamps. The latter have certain advantages. How to choose a floor lamp? How to choose by style? All the most interesting ideas further in the article in more detail.

Content of this article:

  • Floor lamp selection
  • Maintaining style
  • Options
  • Decorative floor lamp
  • Placing a floor lamp in the interior
  • Interesting ideas
  • VIDEO: What is a floor lamp for and how to use it?
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 200 photos)
  • Floor lamp selection
  • Maintaining style
  • Decorative floor lamp
  • Placing a floor lamp in the interior
  • Interesting ideas
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 200 photos)
  • Floor lamp selection

    Modern floor lamps are not a "grandmother" lampshade with a fringe. They are very different, you can choose such a lamp to any room design. This additional lighting also plays a role in the design of the room.

    Floor lamps play a huge role in decorating the room

    The lamp shade can be made of different materials:
    • from metal;
    • cotton;
    • papers;
    • fabrics;
    • glass;
    • plastic;
    • ceramics.

    It can have the most different form, more often conical, cylinder, less often choose the form of a hemisphere, a ball or a flower bud. Floor lamps can have one lampshade or more, the same goes for its legs.

    Their form can be very diverse.

    Depending on the shape of the lampshade, the material from which it is made, floor lamps can be divided into those that have directional light, diffused and reflected. Each has its own purpose.

    To make it convenient to read the network next to the book, choose such models, the light from which will be lowered down, with the possibility of changing its direction.

    To create a cozy pick up a model with a diffused light. His lampshade should evenly transmit and diffuse light.

    You can do it yourself without any problems.

    If the stream of light from the lampshade is directed to the walls, the ceiling and it is reflected, then the room becomes evenly lit. Visually, even the ceiling seems higher. Such a lamp reflects light.

    When choosing a floor lamp in your interior, you need to clarify all these nuances. The choice is made based on the purpose of the lighting device. And be sure to find out where the flow of light from different models of lamps.

    Be sure to consider where the flow of light is directed.

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    Maintaining style

    When choosing any lighting device, you should take into account the style of your interior.

    A floor lamp is usually immediately apparent, so if it stands out from the general design, it will be noticeable. But, you can also make an emphasis in the room on this subject, making it a highlight. But so that it does not look absurd, it is not necessary to cross the line, everything must be thought out.

    Lighting fixtures in the art deco style will fit perfectly into the modern interior. In form they have the ceiling expands upward, they can also be in the form of a trapezoid. Models of this style are thin and tall.

    Good for reading

    There are floor lamps on a curved stand. This stand is usually made of metal. They can be used for interiors of rooms of such styles as minimalism, loft, hi-tech. The design is futuristic, such lamps are also called "arched". The lampshade of such a device can be made as a glass ball, or a plastic cylinder. They are usually white, gray, black, but if you search, you can find bright models, such a move will help to emphasize the interior of the room.

    For glamor or neo-baroque, it would be appropriate to use luxurious floor lamps, which will carry with them not only brightness, but a certain enigma, mysticism.

    Relaxing interior with subdued light

    In the manufacture of such a model can be used such materials:
    • rhinestones;
    • glass;
    • crystal;
    • stainless steel.

    The color scheme is mostly white, gray, silver.

    The classic interior, where antique furniture is selected, suggests the choice of the same floor lamp. It should have a brass base, and a textile conical lampshade. When decorating the lampshade can participate fringe, beads, embroidery.

    A bit of vintage design

    Floor lamp can be put in the nursery. But, here it is necessary to pick up something interesting, bright, and fun. If this is a boy's room, then you can search for a lampshade with colorful balls, balls. If a girl lives there, you can pick up a light pink lampshade with flowers, peas, or something neutral.

    BoardIf it is hard to choose which lampshade fits the room's interior, it is better to focus on a model of neutral color scheme, traditional in form. Such a lamp can fit into any style of the room.

    An interesting option for a child's room

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    There is a variety of styles in which floor lamps are designed. Here is their overview:

    • Classic style. It consists of a straight or curved metal, wooden leg. The lamp shade is made of dense fabric of a reserved shade, sometimes it is decorated with a fringe. The lamp may be several.
    • Hi-tech, minimalism. The lamp has no unnecessary details, it looks simple and functional. Consists of a metal frame, ceiling of the correct form. A flexible light fitting having a pivoting mechanism will fit well into this design.
    • Loft. The lampshade may resemble a searchlight, and the frame - water pipes. There are no decorative elements. One lamp, without a lampshade looks interesting.
    • Provencecountry music. Such a model has a forged or wooden frame. She conveys a bit of rustic style with vintage motifs. The lamp shade is made of fabric, with a floral or floral ornament.
    • Retro, vintage. The leg of the lamp is made of wood, glass, and looks very elegant. The lampshade consists of a metal frame covered with thick fabric and decorated with fringe.
    • East style. The lampshade of such a floor lamp is made of thick silk, colored glass, rattan. The frame of the floor lamp consists of yellow metal, bronze, copper.

    Choosing a room style

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    Decorative floor lamp

    Such a lamp differs from a traditional floor lamp in that its purpose is to use it when accentuating space. In terms of lighting, they may not play a special role. Such models attract attention, they are unusual.

    Popular models have a leg in the shape of an arc. Floor lamp stands steadily due to heavy base.

    Thin and light floor lamps with a chrome surface are well suited to the design of high-tech, eclectic rooms.

    Indoor floor lamp

    Included can be sold several floor lamps. They can be placed on both sides of the sofa, the window or near the seats, the main thing that it was symmetrical. The set can be wall lamps, made in the same style, colors, and floor lamps. These sets of lighting fixtures help create a cozy, harmonious decor. Thanks to this, you can cope on your own without turning to designers.

    There are some lamps that can be safely called art objects. Their main function is not at all illuminating. They tend to have an unusual shape and appearance. Such floor lamps help to create a character in a room, to highlight its individuality.

    Make the right accent with a single tone

    With the help of a floor lamp, you can focus on any object, wall picture, mirror, or other interior item. To do this, direct the flow of light from the floor lamp on the subject.

    Fashionable are the lamps in the form of a large table lamp. She has a fixed tripod and a large lampshade. They can be placed in the living room, office. By the way, there are special lights for reading with a spot function, such floor lamps direct the light in a strict direction.

    Handmade lighting

    These models of floor lamps fit well in such styles as:
    • minimalism;
    • high tech;
    • contemporary;
    • eclecticism.

    For a classic or retro-style fit a few other models of lamps. Models are available on an adjustable tripod that can be rotated, bent, raised and lowered.

    In the form of a large table lamp

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    Placing a floor lamp in the interior

    Floor lamp is needed when arranging a place for rest, reading. Such a place can be allocated in the bedroom, living room, hall in the kitchen.

    In the recreation area is a chair, a small sofa, so that a person can comfortably accommodate after a hard day's work. Nearby is a small table and, of course, a floor lamp. You can save space to purchase a floor lamp with large shelves already equipped with it. There may be several, the shelves will serve as a coffee table.

    For placement in the bedroom

    Somewhere above the chair can be placed on the wall shelves for books. Such a zone will turn out to be cozy, and the floor lamp will play one of the main roles in this. Here you can read books, sit with a laptop or knit. If the baby has its own room, then such a zone can be arranged for such purposes in the nursery.

    You can place the lighting fixture in the living room in different ways, as long as they do not interfere with the passage. The lamp, therefore, is placed if it is necessary to create a twilight in the room or make a bright accent.

    Place so as not to interfere with the passage

    Floor lamps are used to fill the void of space, to create comfort. For example, when there is a place on both sides of the sofa, fireplace, shelving. Placement on both sides visually creates symmetry, and a certain orderliness.

    These lights are placed in the bedrooms in order to illuminate the space near the bed. If you choose a model with built-in shelves, do not need a bedside table. Such a lamp gives more light than a small bedside lamp.

    Can be placed on both sides of the bed.

    If the bed is double, then small floor lamps can be placed on both sides, if it is a single bed, there can be a table, a bedside table on one side, and a floor lamp on the other.. Such a move will be interesting, functional and convenient. When choosing a floor lamp for the bedroom, you need to pay attention to the built-in light level control.

    Lighting in the dining area creates a special atmosphere. For such a purpose, lamps with a shade of warm, “fruit” flowers are selected, for example, apricot, light crimson, peach. Not only the room, but also the dishes will seem more appetizing, more beautiful here.

    Light for the dining area is especially important.

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    Interesting ideas

    With each piece of furniture, decor, lighting, you can "play" in the interior, this also applies to the floor lamp:

    • Emphasis. Such a lamp itself is a perceptible object. This can not only be used, but also strengthened. For example, in a room decorated with neutral colors, you can put the light device with a bright, color.
    • Group lights. You can purchase several floor lamps, which have the function of adjusting the height of the base, and put them nearby. In this case, each lower or raise, so that all lampshades were of different levels. They will look original not only in the evening with the lights on, but during the day.

    A small addition will only add zest to your room.

    • Collection of lamps. Some manufacturers produce entire collections of lighting fixtures of the same style and color. You can purchase such a kit and install a floor lamp, wall lamp and a desk lamp in different parts of the room. Such a "family" will combine different parts of the room and make it one.
    • Play with light. You can add more light to the room or select a floor lamp, if you put a mirror next to it, one or more. It can be outdoor or just low hanging. Light from it will be reflected, creating the desired effect.
    • In one color with furniture. It is interesting to look at the lamp shade of the same color as the sofa, armchair, curtains, the main thing is to arrange these elements on opposite sides of the room. You can choose a lamp shade to match the wallpaper, the main thing is not to put it close to the wall. The shade of the lampshade may differ by several colors from the basic color of the furniture.

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    VIDEO: What is a floor lamp for and how to use it?